Welcome to the Assetto Corsa Mods WikiEdit

This wiki's goal is to regroup all the mods created for Assetto Corsa and to keep track of both existing and upcoming mods.

Modding teamsEdit

Modding teams, you have the opportunity to create your own page on this wiki. You can then use it as you wish. Please link it here. - PAYWARE - FREE

Tutorials (WIP)Edit

These tutorials are meant to guide you when adding content to this wiki.  Following them should make it easier for you to add your content and keep the wiki organised.

Boring but necessary stuff coming up, so BEFORE EDITING ANYTHING ON THE WIKI, PLEASE READ THIS (see, caps lock and bold, so it must be important).

First of all, is it your fist time here ? If yes, here is how to set up your account: 

Tutorial: Setting up your account and general notes on editing the wiki

Vehicles sectionEdit

First of all, is you mod released or WIP? A released mod is drivable in game, with finished 3D model and working physics. It doesn't have to be perfect yet though, that's what updates are for.

Tutorial: Releasing a new vehicle

Tutorial: Adding a WIP vehicle

Tutorial: Making a vehicle request

Liveries sectionEdit

There are two different lists for liveries: historical liveries and custom liveries. Historical liveries exist/existed for the vehicle in real life. So for example a real-life livery of a Ferrari that you applied on a Lotus would be considered as custom.

Tutorial: Releasing a historical livery

Tutorial: Releasing a custom livery

Tracks sectionEdit

Again, is you mod released or WIP? A released mod is drivable in game. It doesn't have to be perfect yet though, that's what updates are for.

Tutorial: Releasing a new track

Tutorial: Adding a WIP track

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